Empowering the through blockchain

Products in the market deserve to be identified and we help businesses build brand trust through transparency and traceability.

Why Technoritory?

Our mission is to eliminate traditional problems in the supply chain by creating transparency.

Problems Faced Currently

Lack of transparency

Consumers unable to determine originality

Largely manual processing

Unsecure data

Solutions We Provide

Product information and supply chain stories

Verifiable products at the consumer end

Digitalized - Quicker

Tamper-proof data is easily verifiable

About Technoritory

We all, as consumers, buy products that affect the environment adversely. Products are also made by unverified manufacturers who buy cheap quality raw materials, which compromises the well being of people and the planet. The consumer lacks knowledge due to the current nature of the supply chains.

Founded by a group of students at TU Chemnitz, Technoritory provides a tech platform enabling transparency in the supply chains. With our portal, businesses display information and stories of products which consumers can easily view. Empowering consumers to make positive decisions.

Increase your business with Technoritory

Our platform helps you with increasing your brand value which helps build customer trust and fight against counterfeit products.


Cannot tamper once data is stored in the Blockchain

Mobile Application

Get a product's journey and thus verify its authenticity.


Show the journey of every batch that you make.

QR Tag

Look for our encrypted QR Tag on the product at the point-of-sale.

Enlightened Vision

Our vision is to digitalise how products and create a connection with their consumer. We also want to create an impact on the world by eliminating the use of counterfeit products.

Steadfast Mission

Our mission is transforming ideas into innovation and to make the supply chain much safer, immutable, digitalized, dynamic and traceable.

Strong Values

We believe that new technology, an old problem, and a big idea always turn into an innovation. Taking smart risks and always having a will to win are the most important values for us.

For Businesses

Why Choose Technoritory for your Business?

For manufactures, it is the most important thing to maintain the brand identity which thereby leads to increased sales. That is why we provide you with the state-of-the-art tech solution to fight against counterfeit products which damage the brand trust. Share the journey of the product and supply chain stories with the retailers and consumers. As manufacturers, you can also know who owns the product thereby improving the traceablility.

A survey we conducted shows that over 90% of the people will be intrigued by a product that shares key product information and journeys in a way that’s secure, trustworthy and accessible.

Maintain Brand Identity

Build Customer Trust

User Feedback


Increased Sales


Verifiable Authenticity


Product Journey

Review Products

For Consumers

Look for the Technoritory label.

Consumers can use our app to verify authenticity of the product at the point-of-sale. See where the product is originated and give feedback.

In developing countries, the World Health Organisation estimates that counterfeits comprise between 10%-30% of the market value of drug sales.

The Craftsmen

A perfect combination of creativity and technical wizardry who are responsible for making the magic happen.

Karan Advani

Develops and improves the business model keeping the vision in mind.

Tanya Parmar

Ignites the passion of the team and generates new ideas.

Siddhant Kasurde

Builds the brand identity and improves the user experience.

Nishant Gaurav

Develops company's strategy for using technological resources.

Akash Chougale

Development and delivers technology solutions for the product.

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